Our mobile bar payment options :  

1. Cash Bar. We rock up and your guests pay for their own drinks, if there is 4g or wifi signal there is a choice of cash or card.

2. Pre-paid Bar. A pre paid bar tab is paid up front. When this limit has been reached, then your guests pay for their own drinks. You can use a voucher system if you want to make sure that everyone gets the same number of drinks. We can also limit the "free ones" to specific drinks, so nobody is taking advantage of the top shelf. 

3. Free Bar. For the most generous amongst you. Your guests drink for free, we tend to base it on a specific amount of drinks per person and this will be a pre paid lump sum.  We can operate an all you can drink arrangement running an ongoing tab, although it can be ill advised if your budget isn't infinite. 

4. Dry Bar. You need a bar and the expertise but have the drinks in hand? You can rent our bar and mixologists for the evening. For a fee of course : which will depend on the event location, duration and glassware options. 


Drinks Prices :

We serve high quality drinks at honest prices, which will vary depending on the quantity required.  

Our drinks our bespoke to your needs, so if you want a specific brand your wish is our command. 

Please download our current drinks list below: